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I began transition in October 2008. My facial hair is a blend of dark, blond, and gray hair. For the dark, I decided to try laser reduction, for the rest, electrolysis. I asked all the trans-women I knew for a good electrologist in Seattle. All the younger women, though, were using laser, the more mature women having completed electrolysis long ago. While I received several recommendations for a laser specialist, I got no help at all in my search for an electrologist.

So I researched online. The paucity of consumer-client recommendations on the trans websites amazed and baffled me. Giving up my online search, I emailed a support group leader at the Ingersoll Gender Center. She recommended two electrologists in the Seattle area, one south of Seattle, the other at a spa here in my Shoreline neighborhood - Be A New Creation.  Read more at HairTell.


Aislinn  Shoreline, WA



After well over 250 hours with two other electrologists with minimal results, frustrated and discouraged to the point of tears, a friend referred me to Be A New Creation Spa. I've had many hours of electrolysis by Roberta Smith and Doreis Howard. The hair isn't all gone yet but it is going; I can definitely see the results. I can feel the results! However, far more important has been the camaraderie and support these two women have given me. In addition to being highly ethical, professional, and customer-focused, they have listened and understood as I have talked about my transition. I cannot tell you enough good things about Roberta. Aside from being very professional, very ethical, and very good at her profession as an electrologist, Roberta has become a very dear friend to me. She has been there for me when I have gone in after a bad day and needed to unload. She listens, she understands, and she cares. She is cheerful, optimistic, fun, compassionate, respectful and completely accepting and at ease with us. For those of us who need our lips to be "numbed", Roberta has developed a network of professionals to help with that, too, all conveniently located to her office building. And if that isn’t enough, check out her credentials: she’s Board certified at the national level and trust me, that does make a difference, and after all the hours I’ve spent under the needle, I should know!


In addition to Roberta, Doreis Howard has been working on me as well and again I cannot say enough about her. Doreis is awesome. She shares Roberta's same warmth and acceptance, she is good at her trade, she understands and she cares. Regardless of which one of these women works on me, I actually look forward to going (and how often do you say that about electrolysis?!) All the women at Be A New Creation are simply wonderful...  I have been to them all. What more can I say?


Call me crazy but when the hair is gone, I will probably find another area for them to work on just so we can visit!  Be A New Creation Spa is truly a special place.  I don't think they have helped me become a new creation. I think they have helped me become a work of art!


Pam W.   Seattle, WA



Roberta, the best gift you give me is you. You are such a warm, considerate, compassionate person. It is always such a pleasure to see you, I look forward to seeing you each week and solving the world's problems. You have such great insight into other people's situations and conditions. If the rest of the world's people were more like you, we wouldn't have any problems. I hope that even when the last unwanted hair is gone from my body, we will still get together and solve the world's problems! Thank you very much!!!


Gina MSeattle, WA



Roberta I just wanted you to know I really appreciated the complimentary treatment.  If I have the opportunity to send other friends your way, I will certainly do so!


Barbara M.  Edmonds, WA



I just had my first electrolysis session and cleared my upper/lower lip. It wasn't that bad at all! Thanks Roberta! Now all I have left to clear is the little patch on my chin, which my electrologist said would take 1 hour to do! Then it’s just zapping those that pop out here and there!  I just finished my 4th electro session. I'm basically cleared on my face. I just need to do touch ups every so often! Woo Hoo!


Nani Y.  Seattle, WA



Roberta, the best things in life are not things, they are people like you! This is just a thank you for all you have done for me. I really truly enjoy coming to see you. I don't know what is going to happen when I'm all done, I'll just have to come by anyway!


Eva F.  Shoreline, WA



Roberta, it was a pleasure meeting you and having Doreis do electrolysis on my neck. It turned out great and I couldn't tell the next morning that I had been treated; no redness at all! Doreis is a great technician and I look forward to have her work on me again. I just wanted to let you know that I had a great visit and will continue to come down and also let other people know about Be A New Creation Spa.


Halsten Marie H.  Bow, WA



I really enjoyed just being there talking and sharing.  I am glad I will be working towards achieving a hairless chin!


Loraine  Bothell, WA



W O W !!! - That’s what I think about Roberta. She has far surpassed all the other technicians I have ever used. She knows what she is doing, she knows how to make you feel welcomed, and she knows how to help you up when you are down.  She is knowledgeable about so many aspects and she is an extremely warm and compassionate woman. I had been receiving electrolysis for three years before I met Roberta. She has spoiled me compared to all others. I could never use another person, unless someone is filling in for her while she is away.  I hope I have stirred up your desire to contact her for your needs. In her office, other professionals provide excellent services as well.


Loree Rae H.  Mountlake Terrace, WA


I've gone to several other electrologists, and Marissa is clearly the best. She really impressed me with how efficiently she uses our time, which saves me money. Marissa is a sweet person, and good company whether you want to rest quietly or chat while she works.

The results are exactly what I was hoping for: Permanent hair removal without discomfort or embarrassment. I unconditionally recommend Marissa for anyone looking for a professional, pleasant, and cost-effective experience.

Misti D. Seattle, WA







Ginny keeps my body in motion.  I spend long hours at a computer and have exquisite pain in my neck and shoulders.  She has made it possible for me to continue working at this, as I must.  Ginny’s approach is mind and body, and she has made such a difference in my attitude toward my pain and my body and its motion.  She is a miracle in my life.


D. Stinson



Ginny is an incredibly talented massage therapist.  I highly recommend seeing her.  She always listens to me and responds with a brilliant massage technique that really hits the spot!  Whether I am in pain from a serious injury or just want to have an extra relaxing afternoon, a massage from Ginny is always beneficial.


Alyssa D.  Lynnwood, WA



In short, Ginny keeps by body in balance.  For me, my feet are the center of my whole body.  If my feet are not happy, my whole body isn’t happy.  Through foot and lower body massages, my physical well-being has improved dramatically and my necessity for pain medications has reduced to almost zero.  I don’t know what I would do without my biweekly massages!


Cecilia D.  Lynnwood, WA



My wife and I went to Ginny’s for a massage and we both found the experience very relaxing and mentally soothing.  Ginny has a wonderful way of relaxing ones muscles and connecting to the inner being and bring peace.  We highly recommend a visit to Ginny’s for a massage; the experience is well worth it.


Dan and Pat U.  Sequim, WA



I manage a Chiropractic clinic and had the pleasure to work with Ginny Redpath for more than 3 years.  I have received countless massages from many different therapists during the 12 years that I have worked with Chiropractors, and the massages I received from Ginny were among the best, if not the best.  She truly has a gift for massage therapy.


What I like so much about Ginny’s massage is that she tailors each massage to the individual’s needs.  She takes several classes and seminars every year to expand and improve her skills, and it shows!  Her knowledge of the human body and how to use massage to affect the body is remarkable. I have seen her for several different ailments, from the standard neck and back complaints, to more complicated conditions, such as plantar fascitis, shoulder injuries and even pregnancy aches and pains.  Ginny provided relief and facilitated my healing by using a different technique and treatment plan for each condition. 


Ginny puts all of herself into each massage, and the comments from our patients at the clinic who saw her confirmed that.  Many of our patients refused to see any other therapist once they had a massage with Ginny, and would wait for weeks to see Ginny if her schedule was full.  I recommend Ginny’s massage to anyone with confidence.


Monica Gawalapu  Seattle, WA







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