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Permanent Hair Removal:

Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal first developed in 1875 by an ophthalmologist. The safest and most efficient method for permanently destroying the hair follicle is to have a skilled electrologist insert a sterile probe into the hair follicle and applying an impulse to destroy the root papilla. This progressive process may require a series of treatments. Despite the initial investment of time and money required, there are several benefits of professional electrolysis. You will be saving the hours and expense spent over a lifetime using temporary methods because electrolysis removes hair permanently.  

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Temporary Hair Removal:

Shaving is the fastest method. The razor or electric shaver cuts the hair above the skin, so that the hair is eliminated for only a short time. Depilatories are creams containing powerful agents that break down the structure of the hair. A few individuals may react to the harsh chemicals. Tweezing is another method. This procedure may cause ingrown hairs and the hairs become more bristly. Waxing pulls out a number of hairs at one time. Waxing must be repeated every three to eight weeks. It too may cause ingrown hairs and hairs that become increasingly coarse.  Laser hair removal is becoming very popular.  Although laser does remove hair and has some positive results, it has not been proven to be permanent.  Futhermore, peolpe with darker skin tones or lighter hair colors pose a challenge for most laser systems.

Are you ready for a new image?  You are not alone.  You can rid yourself of unwanted hair with electrolysis forever!  The method you choose for dealing with unwanted hair will depend on the number and location of hairs and how great a problem you perceive them to be. Remember, electrolysis is the only permanent method to remove hair.  Call today for a free, no-obligation, private consultation by our electrologists.




Monday - Thursday: 7am to 7pm


Friday & Saturday: 7am to 6pm


By appointment only   


Rates per session:

0.25 hours.............$40.00
0.50 hours.............$50.00
0.75 hours.............$60.00
1.00 hours.............$70.00
1.25 hours.............$90.00
1.50 hours...........$110.00
1.75 hours...........$130.00
2.00 hours...........$140.00


$25 surcharge for genital work


Value Package

 Pre-pay for 10 1-hour sessions for $720 & get 2 hours free!

 $120.00 value.  (Minimum session time is 1 hr.)



New Client Special!    


Refer a new client and receive a free 1/2 hour treatment.

 Gift certificates and senior discounts available.


Appointments are available 6 days a week; including evenings.


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